About us

Areco Metals handles purchasing, stocking and distribution of raw materials both for internal use and to external companies.

Areco Metals is one of Europe’s largest importers and stockists of pre-painted steel coil for the construction industry. The products are used mainly for profiling and in the production of roof tiles, purlins, sandwich panels, roof drainage systems and various accessories. Areco Metals offers sheeting in many different steel qualities, dimensions and colours. Our raw materials warehouse in Helsingborg covers 15,000 square metres and can hold 35,000 tonnes of steel coils.

Quality, Prices and Warranties

Purchasing is done from some of the world’s best and most modern steelworks inside and outside of Europe. Since the 1990s, relationships with renowned steelworks have been established and developed. As a result of the many years of experience and the large volumes purchased, the company can offer its customers high quality and competitive prices. As an important security for our customers Areco Metals takes full responsibility for the material and offers market based warranties.

Delivery Times

One of the biggest advantages of Areco Metals is the fast delivery times. The 15,000 square metre raw materials warehouse in Helsingborg harbour has a capacity of 35,000 tonnes. From there, deliveries are dispatched within 24 hours of the order being placed.

Extensive Product Range

Areco Metals has a diverse portfolio of products that customers can combine in the required volume for simplified stocking. The key word is flexibility and the aim is to always find the best solution for the customers. This enables combined deliveries in which steel coils of various dimensions and colours can be delivered together with finished products from the other subsidiaries. The customers can also get help with the leasing of profiling machines. Areco Metals also stocks and distributes steel seconds.


Areco attaches great importance to both the environment and safety. We actively work to streamline company processes and to reduce our burden on the environment. Recycling and sorting as much as possible and trying to minimize the generation of residual products and waste are natural elements of our operations. We impose environmental requirements on suppliers and work to continuously reduce the environmental impact of our transports. Storage and distribution of Areco products are always done in a safe manner. Compliance with laws and ordinances is a matter of course and the minimum level for our environmental work.

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Head Office:
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211 24 Malmö, Sweden