Areco Colour Coated


Coating on the base of polyester resin is the most economic system when environmental (corrosivity) class C1-C3 is required. The surface is coated with a primary layer of 5 μm and a top of 20-25 μm. The warranty period is 10-years.

Matt Polyester

A coating system with the same qualities as Polyester but with a more exclusive design. The coating has a good corrosion protection and an overall coating of 30-35 μm. The warranty period is 10-years.

Karat, GreenCoat, GreenCoat Matt

A high quality coating with an overall coating of 45-50 μm for Karat and 36 μm for GreenCoat. The surface is optimized for high wear, scratch and weather resistance. The coating has a very good gloss and color stability as well as a very good corrosion protection up to the environmental class C4. The warranty period is 30-years.


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